Yootles Trivia Question

The first person who can answer the following question (add a comment!) gets 10 yootles (or $10 if you prefer):

In a yootles ledger system, can someone gain an advantage by creating many fake identities who all extend credit to their real identity?


2 Responses to “Yootles Trivia Question”

  1. Rob Says:

    I am going to say no for several reasons:
    1. I hope the answer is no
    2. It seems like these fake identities would eventually have to make good on their yootles debt, either by performing favors (i.e. the real person performing favors under the guise of the fake identity), or the real person would have to give yootles back to the fake identities
    3. if yootles are to be mostly used among friends, don’t you think people would notice fake identities awfully quickly?

  2. dreeves Says:

    Rob wins the 10 yootles, paid on the yooniversal ledger!

    The answer is no for an even simpler reason — you can only spend money with people who have given you credit or through whom there’s a chain of credit (I can pay with an IOU to Alice if she trusts Bob and Bob trusts me).

    Since no one but Carol trusts Carol’s fake identities, the boosted credit does Carol no good.

    This is what is meant by a Ripple-ified ledger system, which the new yootles ledger will support. (The current ledgers support it too in the sense that for each ledger everyone trusts everyone, or there is one person who trusts and is trusted by everyone — usually me but on some ledgers Bethany, or Dave Morris, or Monica Stephens, or whoever started the ledger.)

    See ripplepay.com/about for more about this or see the FAQ in the appendix of the yootles paper.

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