Yootles in Yosemite

We had a Reeves-Hayos family reunion in Yosemite last weekend. There were 17 of us and they all graciously agreed to be my guinea pigs for some yootles trials. In the planning stages of the trip we had a Decision Auction to determine if the reunion would involve a trip to Yosemite at all, as opposed to staying at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. Consistent with what straight voting would have decided, the auction’s conclusion was to go to Yosemite. My bid of $460 was pivotal and so I had to cough up some yootles to a few people who bid to stay home.

For the trip itself, being in Yosemite with no cell phone access, Bethany and I printed some paper yootles currency, about 130 yootles worth, divided among the family. We then used yootles auctions for a variety of decisions during the weekend, including chocolate distribution, sleeping arrangements, allocation of passenger seats and drivers, and at least one wager.


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